This is a lifelong gig for me.  I've worked in bike shops since I was 15.  This year
will make 40 in the bike business.  For some reason it never gets old.  It's more fun
now that we have our own building and can set things up any way we like.  And it's
a cool building.  

My latest inspiration is a big group of road riders that grew out of our indoor
training classes.  And of course cyclocross racing, the craziest sport ever, very
fun.  I love cross country and downhill mountain biking also.  

My original passion is BMXing, though when I started working at the bike shop, the
others kept begging me to try downhilling borrowed bike and haven't looked back
since.  A fan of almost all genres of cycling, I still stick to my BMX roots.

I still ride in the skate park, in spite of the 10,000 warnings and 1 ticket from the
police.  Its a good place for the kids to be.  The kids look up to me when I ride in
the skate park, and come to me when I work at the bike shop.  

My favorite place to mountain bike, when I am lucky, is Whistler, BC.  Whistler has
the best EVERYTHING, and at the end of the day I realize all you need is a good
bike and a good trail!

I came to the ReCycle Shop as a refugee from my previous job where I was sure to
die of boredom. Fred took a risk on me and it has been my pleasure to attempt to
repay that debt ever since. I love bikes and helping people get just the right one.
Working at the ReCycle Shop allows me to listen to people and help find that bike
that they will be excited to ride and after all being excited to ride is what it is all

So it's been awhile and it looks like I'm still here! Each day I get to come to work
and enjoy a fun crew and an amazing job, I feel like I truly get to say I'm happy.  
I've always been about athletics, but I have strong backgrounds in both
speedskating and cycling.  I'd say that I've settled into my particular role in the
shop, and while I am still learning from a mechanic's point of view, I have always
enjoyed a good ol' challenge.

Being around our riders, familiar faces or new ones, is what I enjoy most about this
job.  We all come from different backgrounds but find commonality in our riding
and that gets me stoked! Racing is also a big part of what I do, from road and
cyclocross to track I try to represent well with my ReCycle Shop teammates!

So here's to seeing you all out there!

When the worlds of firefighting, motorcycle racing and aviation become dull, Kyle
dedicates himself to The ReCycle Shop.  His attention to detail and easy-going
nature make him a valuable asset.

Full bio
... still ... coming soon.
Jonathan T. Suttles, MS, PT - Physical Therapy Consultant

Doing triathlons in the 1980s led to a career as a physical therapist in the 1990s.
Over the past 20 years I have had multiple opportunities to evaluate and treat
people with a variety of athletic injuries. I find that athletes are highly motivated,
interested in their overall fitness and don't mind working hard. How Inspiring is that!

My passion for cycling and running has never faded. Recently, with the help of
Fred and his team at The ReCycle Shop, I have replaced my 35 year old Pinarello.
As a cyclist I have come to fully appreciate a well-fitted bike; as a physical therapist
I know it can prevent injuries. I am honored that Fred has included me in the
ReCycle Shop team.

Good luck with your up coming season. Hope to see you on the road.

Here for Jonathan's Website

My day job entails monitoring Earthquake and Volcanic hazards, building and
maintaining GPS monitoring networks
. I've recently been certified by Specialized in
their bike fitting program, and you
can find me here in the shop, working with Fred
on bike fitting,
tweaking this website, working on the general web presence, or
doing design work for clothing and other items, occasionally leading spin class
and doing special projects around the shop

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of cycling, racing Cyclocross, Mountain, and Road,
just going on fun group rides, or commuting around town.  I have been around
shops and bikes for the last 22 years, and think that one of the best places to be is
outside in the saddle.

Colton was hanging out so much that we decided to give him a job for the summer.
 A year later and he still keeps us in touch with our younger BMX 'selves and
continues to impress on his BMX bike.  Numerous attempts to get him onto a
mountain bike or road bike have fallen short, but someday he will rip around with
us "old folks."


Back from "sabbatical" in Seattle, Seth has resumed his Manager, "Jack of all
Trades" role with the ReCycle Shop crew.  Aside from long walks on the beach,
Seth can be found banging himself up on his Tricross prepping for Cyclocross
race season, or taking abnormally long and taxing pulls on the front of our
Tues/Thurs Group Road Rides (much to Jordan's delight).  

From his wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm of all things bikes and riding, who
wouldn't want him on their team.  We sure are happy he is back on ours, so what
are you waiting for?  

Stop in and welcome Seth back by giving him a big (left handed) high five!


Our newest member of the team, Tara has been quick to jump right in and stake
her claim since her and her husband recently moved here from Missoula, MT.  She
is not only a strong mountain biker, but her stellar background in outdoor retail will
provide a smooth transition for her while leaping into the bicycle world.  

With a love for the outdoors and a sweet smile, coupled with her go-getter attitude,
she has been a welcome addition to a strong ReCycle Shop crew and is sure to fit
right in!  With the season of trail riding just around the corner, it won't be long until
she is schooling us all on the local mountain bike trails with her trusty sidekick,

I’m a girl and I love to ride bikes. My primary passion for two wheeled adventures is
cyclocross but I’ll try out a road race or occasional duathlon just to mix things up.
Mostly, I enjoy the fun group rides every Monday (Ladies’ Night), Tuesday and
Thursday nights that start out at the shop. Seeing other people start out on a bike
or seasoned veterans with years of cycling experience all comingle is part of the
spirit of cycling at The ReCycle Shop. You’ll see me leading the Ladies’ Night rides
and tagging along on the group rides, always with a smile on my face.

Any day on a bike is a good day and I encourage anyone to challenge me on that.